Can I still buy or sell a home during lockdown in Victoria?

Your expert guide to buying off-the-plan land
April 22, 2021

The last year and a half has been a bit of a rollercoaster on most fronts, with rolling lockdowns and a constantly evolving situation that means the rules are always changing.

But while we’ve had to do things a little differently here at Fastrack Conveyancing, one certainty remains: the real estate market in Victoria is as strong as ever. And our industry experts are here to help guide you through the process.

Can I still buy and sell a home in Melbourne?

YES. There was never any halt on either buying or selling a home or vacant land during lockdown. However, there are several restrictions placed on how the process works right now.

Can I attend an inspection or an auction in Melbourne?

NO. Inspections and auctions can only be conducted remotely at the moment, so you’ll have to rely on taking a look at any prospective property or land purchase, or conduct a sale, online for now. That includes signing contracts online only.

HOWEVER. While buyers can’t inspect right now, homeowners can attend a final inspection if in the lead up to Settlement, and in some instances Vendors are agreeing to allow making Contracts conditional upon the Purchaser being able to conduct an inspection of the property in person before the Contract becomes unconditional. This is something that Fastrack Conveyancing can help you with during the Contract review process before you sign.

Can I still buy and sell a home in rural and regional Victoria?

YES. Many regional and rural towns have enjoyed an influx in the last few months, as folks have made the jump from Melbourne’s more frequent lockdowns. And with most of regional Victoria now open – except for Greater Shepparton – it looks likely they’ll enjoy a bumper spring sales season too. Which is a positive sign for Melbourne’s future once we do reopen.

Buying or selling a home or block of vacant land in these now-opened regional and rural areas has returned to something near normal too. However, private inspections and auctions are currently capped at 10 people.

Can I still settle and move into a new home during lockdown?

YES. While you are encouraged to postpone moving until after restrictions lift if possible, if you have already arranged to move, you can do so.

But everyone must keep as safe as possible during the process, including wearing masks at all times.

There is also an allowance for Melbourne residents making the move to regional and rural Victoria if your house has sold and settlement occurs, or if your current lease is up.

Can I hire removalists, or can my family and friends help me move during lockdowns?

As above, if you already had plans to move, you’re allowed to hire a removal company to help. Again, everyone involved should take every precaution possible, including wearing masks at all times.

Friends, family or partners that live in another household can only assist if there are health issues, disability, or age concerns. Anyone you currently live with can help out.

You can rent a vehicle to do it yourself if you already arranged to move. The rental company you choose must have a COVIDSafe Plan in place, including conducting regular deep cleaning.

Can I collect keys from an agent once a property has settled?

YES. You will be able to meet your agent to pick up keys for the property in person. Again, wear masks at all times and keep to a sensible distance where possible.

And it makes sense to get expert help too. With decades of experience in the business, Fastrack Conveyancing has a proven track record in helping our customers navigate the complex rules around buying and selling homes, making it an easy and enjoyable process for you. That includes guiding first-home buyers.

For further advice, talk to a Fastrack Conveyancing expert today on 03 9915 5790 or email us here.

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