Subdividing a property

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Subdividing your land and need a conveyancer to complete the final steps for you?

If you are thinking of subdividing your land and need assistance with the final steps of the subdivision once the Council have approved everything, then you will need the assistance of a licenced conveyancer who is familiar with this process and has access to the online platform Spear for lodging Plans.

Fastrack Conveyancing are highly experienced in lodging Plans of Subdivision for registration and all the final steps required to register your new Plan of Subdivision. It is essential that you find the right team to help guide you through these steps to ensure a stress and hassle-free process, that is completed in a timely manner.

Our subdivision conveyancing services include:

  • Providing estimate of registration fees.
  • Dealing with the surveyor on your behalf to arrange lodging through spear.
  • Preparing any documents required for lodging the Plan.
  • Arranging consent from any interested parties, including Mortgagee.
  • Arranging for Title to be made available for registering the Transfer of Land.
  • Completing all required paperwork necessary to complete lodgement of the Plan of Subdivision through Spear.
  • Paying registration fees on your behalf from the funds in Trust.
  • Finalising application and ensure lodging takes place.
  • Monitoring the status of the dealing.
  • Advising once registered, and obtaining new Title Particulars.

We can also assist with off-the-plan purchase(s) and any off-the-plan sale(s)…

We can also prepare Contracts of Sale for the sale of ‘off-the-plan’ allotments, whether you are selling vacant land allotments or a dwelling or apartment. We will ensure your Contracts comply with the legislation with regards to selling off-the-plan. Our main business is dealing with off-the-plan matters and subdivisions (both for selling and buying) as such we are highly experienced in this area.

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Company Profile

Fastrack Conveyancing is a Victorian based Conveyancing firm, established in 2009. Its Director, Justine Kitchen and her dedicated team of professionals, have extensive experience in all areas of conveyancing. Fastrack are

  • fully licenced Conveyancers.
  • hold Professional Indemnity Insurance of $5M (Policy Number: 000499L).
  • its directors are Certified Practising Conveyancers and members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Victorian Division).
  • experienced in all types of conveyancing including off-the-plan, vacant land, and residential conveyancing.

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